Raise the Bar Scholarship

We finance the education of talented persons in the area of gastronomy at the best universities around the world. The scholarship is intended for chefs, confectioners and restaurant serving staff.

The scholarship recipients will have the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge and skills in areas that are crucial for the further development of the Croatian tourist and gastronomic offer, including their culinary techniques, management and restaurant innovations.

The personal approach applied to each candidate will allow the most suitable scholarships to be granted to candidates according to their profile and needs.

The news about the Budi Foodie foundation may be found on the official Chefs’ Stage website.

Raise the Bar Foundation

Through our own Raise the Bar Foundation we award scholarships to gastronomic talents to improve their skills at the world’s best universities.

Raise the Bar Scholarships 2020

Applications for the Raise the Bar Scholarships for 2020 are open and are ongoing until the end of January, 2021. The applications are intended for chefs, pastry chefs and restaurant serving staff, aged 18 or above with at least one year of experience in hospitality.

To apply for the Scholarship all you need to do is fill out our application form on the following link.

The scholarship winner will be chose in the first quarter of 2021. An expert jury consisting of renowned Croatian chefs – Hrvoje Zirojević, Marko Gajski, Igor Gudac and Bruno Vokal, manager and co-owner of restaurant Noel – Ivan Jug, representatives of the Human Resources Department of Coca-Cola HBC Croatia and members of the Raise the Bar project will participate in the selection of scholarship winner(s). Based on the criteria set for passing the technical knowledge, psychological testing and interviews this year’s winner of the scholarship at one of the world’s most prestigious universities will be selected.

Raise the Bar Scholarships 2019

In cooperation with the Budi Foodie foundation, at the International Gastronomy and Hospitality Congress Chefs’ Stage 2019 held in Šibenik, we awarded the first three scholarships to young talents in gastronomy and hospitality, thus opening doors for them to perfect their skills in the best programs around the world.

Nikolina Putica received a scholarship for culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu, Tibor Valinčić received a scholarship for restaurant management at Intrecci Alta Formazione Academy, and Marina Levak received a scholarship for confectionery at Ecole Nationale superieure de patissierie – Ducasse & Thuries.

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