Attendees of Second Training Cycle at Raise the Bar Academy Selected

21. February 2020.

Over the next twelve weeks, 16 participants will have the opportunity to attend free extracurricular training to begin February 24 at Coca-Cola’s Training Center in Zagreb. The selected participants have met the formal requirements of the program and successfully completed the candidate selection process.

They are:

  • Antonela Bokan
  • Karlo Bošnjak
  • Niko Grgurev
  • Dorian Horvat
  • Igor Maglov
  • Antonio Jakovac
  • Mario Jovičić
  • Enrique Kurajić
  • Duje Marinović
  • Marko Matek
  • Martina Pečnik
  • Pero Raguž
  • Domagoj Skuliber
  • Perica Šimunović
  • David Štaba
  • Dino Zukić Jaković

Attendees will acquire knowledge and skills that correspond to the needs of employers from the hospitality and tourism sectors and they will receive a certificate of training completion issued by Coca-Cola HBC Croatia in collaboration with the European Bartender School once they successfully pass the academy’s theoretical and practical parts.

Training timeline

Congratulations to the selected Raise the Bar Academy attendees. All interested candidates with at least one year of work experience in the hospitality industry can apply for the second training cycle:

on Raise the Bar Academy’s website by September 25, 2020.