FAQ centers

1. What are competence centers in tourism?
Regional competence centers in tourism are secondary schools specializing in hospitality that have been recognized as places of excellence in vocational education and training and where in addition to basic vocational training other activities are performed that contribute to improving the quality of vocational education and its adaptation to economic and labor market needs. Apart from providing quality practical lessons and exercises for every educational program in the tourism and hospitality sector, the objectives behind appointing regional competence centers are, among other things, to increase the relevance of the curriculum, to strengthen cooperation with employers and universities and many others.
2. How many regional competence centers are there, and which ones are they?
In the tourism and hospitality sector, six schools have been named regional competence centers:

1. Zabok Secondary School (Srednja škola Zabok)

2. Tourism and Hospitality School Split (Turističko-ugostiteljska škola Split)

3. Hospitality and Tourism School Osijek (Ugostiteljsko-turistička škola Osijek)

4. Hospitality School Opatija (Ugostiteljska škola Opatija)

5. School of Tourism, Hospitality and Trade Pula (Škola za turizam, ugostiteljstvo i trgovinu Pula)

6. School of Tourism and Hospitality Dubrovnik (Turistička i ugostiteljska škola Dubrovnik)
3. Why is Raise the Bar cooperating with the centers?
We believe that cooperation with secondary schools specializing in hospitality is crucial in our efforts to advance the quality of education and to align the needs of employers and future staff in hospitality and tourism in Croatia.

In cooperation with regional competence centers in tourism we want to jointly popularize professions in hospitality among you people and to show them all the opportunities offered to them after graduating from a vocational school specializing in hospitality, to modernize the curriculum and classes and to raise the bar of education in hospitality and tourism.
4. What does this cooperation look like?
Through our cooperation with the centers, we strive to jointly identify key issues in educating hospitality and tourism staff and to come up with steps on how to resolve them. We are at the disposal of the centers for help and counseling in the areas in which we can help and to the extent possible.

We do so in the following ways:

– By consulting regional competence centers for tourism and hospitality while setting up premises and procuring equipment for the practical part of the training.

– By providing support in organizing the exchange of know-how and experiences between students and top experts from the hospitality sector, organizing workshops for trainers and the possibility of visits to the training center of the Raise the Bar Academy.

– By making available to all regional competence centers for tourism and hospitality a curriculum according to which extracurricular classes of the Raise the Bar Academy are conducted.